Thursday, December 22, 2011

An Early Christmas Present!!

I have to confess.  I have been keeping a little secret from blog land...for approximately 1 year, 1 month, and 14 days, but I officially can share today!

Last year, my sister and her husband - Val and Rob - made a decision to become foster parents.  They went through the training, prayed A LOT, and prepared Carolyne and Sam for the possibility of other children temporarily staying in their home from time to time.  They continued on about their lives, even selling their home and moving in to another, prepared to take a child at any time they were called.  Well, 2 days after moving in to their new home, they got a call.  A sweet little girl had been born 2 days prior (the day they moved!), and was needing a foster home to go to - could be for just the night, or maybe a few days.  Without hesitation, Valerie immediately said "YES!" and before we could blink, they were pulling in to the driveway with the tiniest of babies that had just been released from the hospital!

Well, long story short, those few days turned in to weeks, and then months.  This sweet little girl fit perfectly in to their family, and Carolyne and Sam had fallen in love with her!  Then, in May her biological parents made the decision they were just not ready for this responsibility of parenthood, and wanted Val and Rob to adopt her!  We were all in shock, and overjoyed at this gift the Lord gave to our family.  She had been with Val and Rob since the day she left the hospital, and we all knew in our hearts she was meant to stay in their family!  After several months of paperwork, praying, waiting, hearings, more paperwork, more praying, more waiting, and then a final hearing...I'm proud to announce today Val and Rob no longer have a family of four, but are an official family of five!  
No more "4 Favorites" for us - we've grown to 5...the newest addition to mine and Brad's list of "Favorites" - Miss Jenna Beth!  
Both Carolyne and Sam are named after family, and when selecting a name for their newest addition, it was only natural that she also carry a family name.  "Jenna" is after Rob's grandmother, "Beth" is after a long line of Elizabeth's in my mother's family.  She has been called Jenna Beth since the adoption process began over 6 months ago, and never once seemed confused, but like that has been her name from the start :)  We are overjoyed that we get to be a part of Jenna Beth's life, and that the Lord has entrusted her to Valerie and Robby!  Since you've missed out on her past year of life, here are just a few pics to catch you up to speed (from my iPhone of course)...  

On the way to the zoo!

Swimming at Aunt Hayley's...

Happy 4th of July!

War Eagle!!

Celebrating Carolyne's birthday!

Celebrating at Sam's Super Hero Birthday! 

Fun at Mama J and Papa's house!

Happy Halloween - Jenna Beth was the CUTEST pink poodle EVER!!

Happy 1st Birthday, Jenna Beth!

As you can see, she is without a doubt the cutest, sweetest, and HAPPIEST little girl!!  She brings so much joy to our family, and we are so blessed to have her in our lives!  
Thank you, Lord for the wonderful Christmas present of Jenna Beth!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Merry Christmas, y'all!  I thought I would show you around my home, and share some of my favorite decorations this year!  Burlap is ALL the RAGE right now, but I've stuck with my bright red, lime, and white theme...and, I still think it's so fun and festive.  There were A LOT of things I decided not to put out this year; I just wanted to pull out some of my most favorites, and enjoy not having to go overboard - and, it has been a nice break!  (and, as a disclaimer - yes, all of these pics were taken with my iPhone...I'm still waiting for my camera to get fixed!)  


The tree...

The foyer...

The living room...

The bathrooms...

Our bedroom...
 (almost 11 years ago - WOW, we look YOUNG and SKINNY!!!)

The 4 Favorites room :)...

I have been very intentional this year on choosing what Brad and I would be a part of this season, and it has been a HUGE blessing to not have so very many obligations during this Christmas - including not doing as much decorating this year!!  I think so many times we work so hard to be a part of every party, get together, and holiday activity that we lose sight of why we're even doing it.  I want to CELEBRATE this season - CELEBRATE my Savior's birth - CELEBRATE my family - CELEBRATE CHRISTmas...and, not be exhausted doing it!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!  From our home to yours - Merry Christmas!