Tuesday, January 15, 2013

We're Having A Baby!!

I still can not believe I can type those words!  I have dreamed, and hoped, and longed, and prayed, and waited for this miracle for so many years. To some, they might would think Brad and I have been over zealous in sharing this news before the end of the first trimester.  And, to be honest, I struggle with anxiety every time we say it out loud or type it. HOWEVER, what ever happens tomorrow or the next day - God has performed a miracle in our lives, and we will savor every moment we are given of this joy!
So, I guess I should start at the beginning.  The beginning of the year, that is. Shortly after Christmas 2011, I felt ready to move forward with our fertility treatments, which we knew could only be InVitro fertilization. However, we also knew we needed to be much healthier for my body to be at its optimum for IVF. We started praying, and we just had a peace. We knew in our hearts this was the direction we needed to go in. In a way that only The Lord could orchestrate, Brad and I fell in to a WONDERFUL program, and started exercising. It has been completely life changing. 100 life changing pounds, for me alone!

Brad and I decided early on to keep our upcoming plans very quiet.  We eventually told our parents, and a very small handful of people.  How thankful we are for all the prayers that were prayed on our behalf during that time!

My first appointment back in the fertility treatment world was in April. I was so excited...and sooo nervous at the same time. It felt surreal to be back in that place!  The plan was for me to have some tests done over the summer, and start my IVF cycle in August.  August, September, and October were full of meds, hormones, shots, shots, and more shots. Did I mention I had to have a few shots?!

November was THE MONTH. The week before Thanksgiving was THE WEEK. We were ready, and excited!  What we had been preparing almost a year for was finally here!  Throughout the whole process, my nurse and doctor said on more than 1 occasion, "this is picture perfect". What wonderful words to hear!  Now we just had to wait 2 weeks to take a pregnancy test. Easy, peasy. WRONG!  I about lost my mind waiting those LONG 2 weeks. However, on November 26th we got the call we had a POSITIVE PREGNANCY TEST!!!!!!

 (The day we found out we were pregnant!)

We slowly, and quietly shared the news with a few friends and family. But, we wanted the 5 Favorites to be among the first to know...and, we wanted to wait until Christmas to tell them. Their response and excitement I will never forget. Such a sweet, sweet memory!

(The 5 Favs sporting their "Big Cousin" shirts!)

It has been so fun and exciting to share our news, but as I said earlier - also a little nerve wracking.  I would be lying if I said this has been a completely smooth pregnancy so far. We have had a few scares, and a few emergency trips to the doctor. But, every time I go to the doctor that sweet little miracle baby has the strongest little heartbeat and is moving around. And, our Heavenly Father keeps quietly reminding us to have faith in His timing, and in His protection over this little one.
We have been OVERWHELMED at the texts, phone calls, Facebook messages, and emails of people telling us they are praying for us and this precious baby.  This miracle baby is so very loved already.

(Baby Powell's Christmas gifts!)

I'm so excited to share this new chapter of our lives with all of you!  You will see these words quite often, and I'll never get tired of saying (or typing) them...To God be the glory for the GREAT things He has done!  

Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Year's Surprise!

I have been soooooooooo excited to share our New Year's card with all of you...
We are PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!

To God be the glory for the GREAT things He has done!!!!!!