Monday, April 1, 2013

22 Week Update

It seemed like I would NEVER get to 20 weeks...now, I'm 22 weeks in to this pregnancy and can't believe I only have 18 weeks left!!  There is SO MUCH to do, in such a little amount of time!!

Pregnancy Highlights: 

How Far Along: 22 Weeks 

Size of Baby: about 10.5 to 11.8 inches, and 12.7 to 20.8 oz, about the size of a papaya

Maternity Clothes: I'm exclusively in maternity clothes now, or regular size flowy tops and dresses.

Gender: It's a GIRL!!!!!!

Movement: Yes, I have felt this sweet baby girl move, and oh how wonderful it is!  Those sweet flutters are a reminder throughout the day of her presence and that she's growing.  Makes my heart skip a beat!  

Sleep: Eh, still not a fun part of the day...I'm awake on and off throughout the night to reposition.  

What I miss:  I would love to eat some deli meat, particularly a sandwich from Mama Goldberg's!  

Cravings:  Junk food, particularly sugary candies...I've about ate my weight in jelly beans!!  

Symptoms: I feel really good, I really can't complain!  My hips are MUCH better after visiting the chiropractor (Thank you, Dr. Hudgins!).  My main symptom is just being hungry ALL THE TIME!  

Crazy Dreams:  The crazy dreams have actually calmed down some!  I dreamed a lot about if the baby was a boy or girl before we found out, but nothing truly bizarre...

Things People Say:  Everyone is still just so sweet and super excited.  I'm getting big enough now that people are starting to ask if I'm pregnant, and a few people have asked to touch my belly.  That makes me feel super weird, but close family and friends I have allowed to touch me.  It's just not something I'm USED to - people rubbing on my belly! HA!

Weekly Wisdom:  Don't over do it!!!!  I have had to learn this the hard way.  Try to find ways to sit down and complete tasks instead of standing, and if you have been standing for an extended period of time, take time to rest!  I am soooo independent and am used to going until I physically can't go anymore...this doesn't work so well with pregnancy!  

Best Moment(s) This Week: Wow - it's been a great couple of weeks!  Finding out Baby Powell is a GIRL and then getting to share that with all our family and friends at our Gender Reveal!!!  What an exciting time of pregnancy it has been!