Monday, August 30, 2010

The Big 4

Our little Sam turned 4 today!! Valerie and Robby took him and some friends on Saturday to the Space and Rocket Center's Star Wars Exibit for his birthday, which he of course LOVED; today he had a party with his preschool class, and tonight we had a family party...Sam has definitely been celebrating the big 4 :)Valerie asked him what he wanted on his birthday cake, and he said he didn't want a cake - he wanted brownies...so, that's what he got - and they were so yummy!
One of Sam's most favorite things in the world is to dress up in one of his favorite character costumes...he got a new Iron Man costume!
Aunt Hayley and Uncle Brad got him some new Auburn gear just in time for the first game Saturday...War Eagle, Sam!!

Happy Birthday, Brother!!!! We love you :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Youth Sunday

Today was Youth Sunday at our church! We have Youth Sunday about 4 times a year where our Sunday morning worship service is focused around our children and youth - our children's group sings, the youth play an active role in leading the service, and Brad preaches. Today some of our teenagers did a drama to the song "When God Ran"...and, it was so good! The thing that made it so awesome is they put it together themselves - it started with one who had a vision and a conviction to do this, and they all jumped on board. The drama was powerful and had a heart piercing message of God's love for us!
Brad and I were so proud of "our kids" today and their willingness to serve the Lord...
God is doing great things in our ministry and our church...and, we are so excited to get to be apart of His work!

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Slumber Party!

This weekend we partied all weekend long for Carolyne and my mom's birthdays! Carolyne's 6th birthday was this past Monday, and she had her first-ever spend the night party! To say she was excited is a strong understatement...and the four girls that joined her for the night were pretty pumped too :)
Valerie and I transformed her dining room table to look like a bed. I brought a headboard that I had at my house that was not being used, and all the pillow shams, bed skirt, and comforter I found at Dirt Cheap for $7.56!!! Now that's Dirt Cheap! HA!! Nothing really matched - it was just all bright colors that coordinated with the serving pieces that we had, so it worked. The big hanging tissue paper flower puffs were in a craft kit I bought at Wal-Mart months ago in the clearance aisle that I knew would come in handy sometime.
This was the first thing the girls saw when they came in the house and was where they had all their meals. They just loved getting to eat on a bed!
Valerie always does a craft at the kids' parties, and what better thing to do for a sleepover than to decorate pillowcases...with spray (fabric) paint!
The adorable cake - personalized with the birthday girl in the middle and her 4 friends in sleeping bags :)
We set up a little "spa" and painted the girls' finger and toe nails. They look so "big" looking at their magazines! HA!
I read "Fancy Nancy" to the girls, and then we had our own little "Fancy Fashion Show"...
We ended the night with popcorn and a movie! The girls were bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6:30 Saturday morning!!! I could have slept a few more hours...It was such a FUN party! Carolyne told me several times this was the best party EVER :)

Happy Birthday, Carolyne!!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back to School...already?

Weren't we singing just a few days ago "School's OUT fo-or SUMMER!"??? My summer has FLOWN by, and it's so hard to believe I am already back doing lesson plans and getting my room ready to go for a sweet new group of children! My preschool children started today, and I am W.O.R.N. O.U.T!!!!

I have a class that is 2/3 boys, 1/3 girls which is always a little scary (no I'm not bias to girls, boys are just a little bit more roudy than girls...). But, besides a few first morning tears, we had a fabulous day!! I have such a fun job...I'm truly blessed :)

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL school year!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


In the world of the Powell's the past week has been a roller coaster of craziness.

...overwhelming love

Yes, it's been a rough week! Please pray for our family right now - for Brad and I as well as my family. God is doing some great things in our lives (although in unusual ways), and there is a little bit of "refining" going on which is never any fun...but worth it in the end. Sorry to be vague in the actual events of what's going on, but I trust that although you don't have the knitty gritty details you can still pray.

Much love to you all :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's Yardsale Time!

This weekend I spent Friday and Saturday from sun-up to (nearly) sun down at the Longest Yardsale. Our church is on the highway that the yardsale goes down, so people set up all over our church's property selling items...and our church sells food. We are famous for our fried pies - apple, peach, banana, and chocolate - YUM!! Many people stop at our church strictly to come eat :)
Our children and youth sold lemonade and candy. My sweet girls took care of selling - they're so great :)It's a hot and tiring weekend, but so much fun!!I bought a bunch of great children's books for my classroom at really good prices - YEA! Did any of you come to the yardsale? I would love to hear if you did, and if you found any great finds!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Last weekend was the big tournament that ends our church-league volleyball season. We had so much fun cheering our teams on to victory!! All of our teams played hard, and did well, but our children and youth teams shined...both of them got the most honorable award - "Most Christ-Like" - and, Brad was definitely one proud "daddy" :) And, our Youth team came in first place in the tournament undefeated! They were awesome!!

Great job everyone!! Looking forward to next year!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Simple Pleasures

I'm joining Top 2 Tuesday with Taylor! Today's topic is "Simple Pleasures".

My top 2 are:

1. A clean house. Friday has always been one of my fav days of the week for obvious reasons, but in recent days Friday has become THE fav day of the week because that's when my cleaning lady comes. :) Coming home to a mopped, dusted, sheets changed, toilets scrubbed, dishes put away, perfectly clean home equals one thing - The. Best. Feeling. Ever. Such an incredible way to start the weekend!

2. A card or note in the mail. There's just something about hearing from someone and reading the message in their handwriting...knowing they took the time to write a note of encouragement, thank you, or whatever the reason just to me...it just always makes me smile :)

Of course I have so many more that I could add...
~ Miss Ellie Jane
~ Finding money in my purse that I didn't know I had!
~ Hobby Lobby!!
~ Chatting with my Mama
~ Long drives with Brad
~ Laughing until my stomach hurts
~ Sleeping late
~ Finding a bargain
~ Dark chocolate

Have a great Tuesday!