Monday, August 30, 2010

The Big 4

Our little Sam turned 4 today!! Valerie and Robby took him and some friends on Saturday to the Space and Rocket Center's Star Wars Exibit for his birthday, which he of course LOVED; today he had a party with his preschool class, and tonight we had a family party...Sam has definitely been celebrating the big 4 :)Valerie asked him what he wanted on his birthday cake, and he said he didn't want a cake - he wanted brownies...so, that's what he got - and they were so yummy!
One of Sam's most favorite things in the world is to dress up in one of his favorite character costumes...he got a new Iron Man costume!
Aunt Hayley and Uncle Brad got him some new Auburn gear just in time for the first game Saturday...War Eagle, Sam!!

Happy Birthday, Brother!!!! We love you :)

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