Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Baby Powell Gender Reveal Party

I have been sooo excited to share about our Gender Reveal Party!  It was such a fun night!  We had the party at Baker's on Main, where my mom's shop is located...thank you Lisa Baker for all your help to make this special night such a success!!!
My color scheme for the party was pink, blue, and khaki.  I wanted it to be all about the baby - nothing too formal, nothing too casual.  Just fun and laid back, but still super cute!  My cousin James Paul built these awesome wooden boxes out of pallets, and I filled them with blue hydrangeas and pink gerbers for the centerpieces.
My mom catered the food, and of course it was fantastic!  We had several potato bars set up - BBQ Potatoes, Mexican Potatoes, and Greek Chicken Potatoes - and salad and bread. It was super yummy!!
 The dessert table was all PINK and BLUE goodies!
SugarBakers in Gadsden made our amazing cake and cupcakes.  The bakery designed the cake, and I thought it turned out super cute!
The cupcakes had pink "?" marks on the middle.  The bakery did the inside of the cake in pink or blue, and the cupcakes had a dallop of the same colored icing in the middle.  
I made the rest of the desserts...pink and blue Oreo truffles, white chocolate peanut butter Ritz, pink and blue M & M cookies, and all sorts of pink and blue Easter candies (Just for the record, I have been sorting Easter candy since it hit the shelves...and, yes, I have probably eaten my weight in yellow and green M&M's, jelly beans, and Robin's Eggs...hehehe!)
After dinner, it was time for the BIG REVEAL!!!!  Brad and I had originally planned to find out the gender at the party...but, we broke under pressure and found out at the doctor's office.  HA!!  However, I wouldn't have changed a thing about it - we got to have our own moment of finding out, and then we were excited to share with all of our family and friends!


 We are THRILLED to bring a sweet baby girl in to our family!!!
May the shopping and nursery decorating begin!!