Friday, August 30, 2013

Sadie's Birth Story, Part 2

We arrived at St. Vincent's around 5:30pm.  When we got to the hospital, we were not sure where to go.  We stopped a couple of nurses and asked where I would need to check in at Labor and Delivery.  One of the nurses looked down at my belly and said,"Are you in labor??!!"  When I said yes, he looked a little panicked, ran and got a wheelchair and took us up to the 3rd floor.  He asked how far a part my contractions were, and said he worked with heart patients, and was not prepared to deliver a baby in the elevator.  HA!!

Once we got to a room, a nurse checked me and I still had not dilated past 1 1/2 cm, but confirmed yes my water had clearly broke.  The nurses felt confident Dr. Snowden would not administer any Pitocin until the next morning, just to see how I would progress on my own.  It was shift change when we arrived at the hospital, so my initial nurses were only with me for a short time.  They asked me about 47,251 questions about my medical history (seriously - I've never been asked so many questions in my entire life).  Then, my nurse Kaitlyn came in.  She was super sweet, and chatty.  She tried putting in my IV several times, and my veins would not cooperate.  2 other nurses had to try before they were finally successful on the 5th stick.  Hallelujah!

I was in almost no pain at all, feeling good, and super hungry.  Kaitlyn told me I could eat supper, but after 9:00pm could not have anything to eat or drink.  I was thrilled to get to eat!  Brad and I ate supper, and talked about what was happening - it all seemed like a dream!  I had not mentally prepared myself yet for Sadie to come - in my mind, she wasn't coming until August 4th.  Brad and I prayed, and then he settled in on his super comfy hard as a rock pullout sofa.  

At 11:00, I got a new nurse - Tanya.  Brad was a sleep, but I hadn't went to sleep yet, and had a slight headache.  Tanya gave me an Ambien and Tylenol, expecting it to help me sleep and ease my headache.  For whatever reason, neither helped.  I did not sleep a wink, and my headache only got worse.  They continued to check my blood pressure to make sure it was not high, and it continued to be normal.  Around 2:00am, Tanya started my Pitocin.  My body quickly responded, and my contractions got intense super quick!  However, the monitor was not reading correctly.  I was in significant pain, but the monitor would show almost a flat line of the contractions.  Tanya decided to change monitors, and put an internal monitor in to check my contractions.  Immediately the screen changed, and showed what was really happening!

Tanya immediately called for me to have an epidural.  I have no idea if getting an epidural is painful or not because I had contractions throughout the entire process...but, oh my how wonderful it was after I got it!!!  Tanya was absolutely wonderful through the night, helped me breathe through contractions, and just made me feel like she was in it with me.  I loved her!!

Brad's mom arrived at the hospital around 6:30am.  I had finally gotten to sleep an hour or two.  Brad decided to go ahead and get a shower, and I wanted to freshen up and fix my hair and makeup.  At 7:00, Tanya left and Lauren was my nurse for the day.  Lauren was wonderful - we talked smocked dresses all day, and I felt like I had one of my best friends with me all day!

She checked me around 7:00am and I had progressed to 4 cm.  7:00 - 11:00 is a blur to me.  I progressed quickly from 4 cm - 10 cm.  My parents got to the hospital around 8:30.  We had been in contact with our birth photographer, Dena Dendy, throughout my progress, and she was on her way.  Our siblings, and other close family and friends were on their way as well.

At 10:00, I was 10 cm.  Dena had not arrived yet, and it was extremely important to me for her to be there!  Lauren assured me that we could just wait - the longer I waited, the less pushing I would have to do!  While we were waiting, I started feeling a lot more pressure and pain.  Lauren told me if I wanted another Epidural shot, now was the time to say so.  I was so afraid that my first shot would wear off that I opted for the 2nd dose. (Bad mistake).  My blood pressure dropped significantly after getting the 2nd epidural, and I had a spike in temperature.  They had me to put the oxygen mask on.  After the 2nd shot, I literally could not feel ANYTHING from my chest down.  Dena arrived, and they got my vitals more stable, and it was time to push!  

I started pushing a little after 11:00.  Because of the 2nd epidural, I was way too numb.  RIDICULOUSLY numb.  I would push with every ounce of my being, and it was doing no good.  I pushed, and push, and pushed.  After an hour and 15 minutes of pushing, Dr. Franklin (who was on call), came in and said to let me take a 15 minute break.  Let me just say, I was bummed that Dr. Snowden was not going to be there to deliver Sadie.  However, I adored Dr. Franklin.  ADORED her.  She has the kindest, most gentle spirit.  The Lord knew she was who needed to be there for that delivery, and I wouldn't change it now if I could.

I asked for my epidural drip to be turned off in hopes that I could regain some control of my body and be able to push with more purpose.  Brad and I both rested during the break, and I felt much more revitalized.  I also felt like I had more control over my body.  In fact, after 45 more minutes of pushing, I felt everything.  Yes, everything.  (I got to experience labor with an epidural, and labor without.  Fun times!)

And, finally, at 1:43pm our sweet Sadie Hope made her appearance!  She weighed 7lb, 5oz, and was 20 inches long.

The feeling of that last push, hearing her cry, instant relief from pain, overwhelming emotions of what this day meant - I just can not put that moment in to words!  So, so precious!

After they weighed and measured her, they tried clearing her throat of fluid.  She had a slight gurgling when she would cry, and they thought she had swallowed some fluid during delivery (more on that to come).  

Before our family and friends came back, we had some skin to skin time, and time just the 3 of us.  Our new little family.  Brad and I had been a family of 2 for 10 years.  Through longing, and waiting, and heartache, and loss, and hoping, and praying, the Lord saw fit to make us a family of 3 on July 25th.  And, despite the state of our house and feeling unprepared, it was the absolute most perfect time for our Sadie Hope to enter this world.  Thankful for His perfect timing!

Our parents and Brad's grandmother came back first to meet Sadie, followed by our siblings and their children.  Then, the rest of our family and friends came back.  

After everyone left, Brad helped Lauren give Sadie her first bath.  Dena stayed with us for a while and took some shots of us as a family of 3.  We were over the moon in love with this precious girl already!

This is the point where most "birth stories" end.  However, as Sadie Hope has reminded us since her conception, her story is always going to be a little different...

Part 3 to come...

Side note - all of the images are by the amazingly talented Dena Dendy/Love of Mine Photography.    

Sadie's Birth Story, Part 1

I've broken down Sadie's birth story in to several parts.  These posts are specifically for Brad and I to remember all the details of this time, but several people have asked about her birth, so we thought we would share it on the blog.  It's long, I know.  :)

My last OB/GYN appointment was on Monday, July 22nd.  I was 38 weeks, and feeling great.  After my first trimester, I had a relatively perfect pregnancy with very minimal discomfort.  I was completely and totally happy with carrying on right up to 40 weeks of pregnancy.  In addition, Brad and I lost our minds somewhere around week 28 of this pregnancy and decided to GUT our kitchen...and our hall bath.  AND do all the work ourselves.  Yes, I know - complete insanity.  SO, not only was I happy with waiting a few more weeks to have Sadie, but I NEEDED to wait to finish up the last of our renovations.  Our house was turned upside down - plastic hanging everywhere, all of my pots and pans sitting in our Study, no sink or appliances.  Completely not ready for a baby to come!  So, when I went to my OB appointment, and my doctor, Dr. Snowden, said I was only 1 1/2 cm dilated - to say Brad and I breathed a sigh of relief is a strong understatement.  But, that sigh of relief was very short lived when Dr. Snowden said she wanted to help speed things along and strip my membranes.  And, ladies and gentlemen, that now ranks as one of the most painful things I have experienced.  Not fun!  

I went home, and worked on graduate projects that were due Wednesday the rest of the day Monday and Tuesday, trying to stay off my feet and get as much done as possible before Sadie came (still anticipating that to be at least a week).  Our family came and worked so hard to help Brad and I finish up the last leg of work and put the house back together.  I submitted all of my graduate work Tuesday night, with the exception of one last project that I would work on Wednesday.  

On Wednesday, our countertops were being installed.  They had a problem with everything fitting, and I ended up calling Brad at work for him to know what was going on.  I NEVER call Brad at work - I always call or text his cell phone.  However, I couldn't get him to respond and we needed some direction quickly, so I called him at work.  His co-workers immediately thought I was in labor (just a few more hours, guys!).  The decision was made to re-do the countertops to fix the problem, and they would come back the following week to finish installing.  

My mom came around noon to bring me some lunch, and she and my mother-in-law stayed for the afternoon to do some cleaning.  I felt something a little different when I got up to go eat lunch.  Could my water have just broke?!  It was such a small amount of fluid I convinced myself that no, it didn't.  I ate lunch and worked on my graduate work.  Every time I would stand up though, I would feel just a trickle of fluid.  I kept all this to myself because I knew telling my mother and mother-in-law would send them in complete panic mode.  And, I wasn't completely sure what exactly was going on.  I ended up calling my cousin Lori, who's water broke at home, and compared notes.  She felt very strongly it had broke, and I needed to call my doctor.  Me always being super cautious, wanted to wait a little while.  While on the phone, Lori searched the Web to find "sure fire signs your water has broke" - what would we do without expert Internet advice?! HA!!  I agreed that I would wait 30 minutes, and if things hadn't changed, I would call my doctor at 3:00pm.  Around that time, my mother-in-law went home, and my mom left to run some errands.  I ended up calling my doctor, and explaining what had been going on the past several hours, STILL convinced my water had not really broke.  Much to my surprise and fear, the nurse told me to come on to Birmingham and go to Labor and Delivery.  I remember saying, "Seriously?!"  HA!!  I was standing in my laundry room, and looked to my left and saw my kitchen - with no countertops or appliances - and felt a huge lump in my throat.  How could we ever bring our precious Sadie home with our house not finished??  I picked up the phone and called Brad at work for the SECOND time that day.  But, this time it was THE call.  As soon as I heard his voice, I immediately burst in to tears and said MY WATER HAS BROKE!  Brad was so calm on the phone, and reassured me that everything was fine, it didn't matter if the house was done or not, that our sweet Sadie was ready to come, and the time we had hoped and prayed for was finally here!  Goodness, I love that man!!  He always brings me back down to earth and puts things in perspective.  

I went and took a shower and started getting ready.  Brad got home, now in complete panic.  While I thought I told him I was going to take a shower, I apparently did not.  He tried calling me once he got on the road to come home (he works 30 minutes away), and I did not answer the phone...which worried him.  As if in the movies, he got pulled over for speeding, but when he told the officer that my water broke, he was let go without getting a ticket.  Thank you, sir!!  Brad got ready, and began (literally) throwing everything in the car.  By this time, I felt very confident my water had broke because I was seeing a lot more fluid.  I have NEVER seen Brad as anxious and rattled before...and I was amazingly calm.  For once our roles were reversed!!  My mom got back from running errands and we quickly explained what was going on.  She agreed to take Ellie home and wait to hear from us before coming to the hospital.  

On the way to the hospital, Brad called his parents to bring them up to speed and we sent text messages out to our friends and family to let them know the news.  I started having contractions while in the car, about every 20 minutes but not very intense.  Brad was a nervous wreck!  He was so afraid I was going to go in to active labor and have Sadie on the side of the interstate! HA!!  

Part 2 coming up soon! :) :) :)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Sadie is One Month Old!

Our little Sadie was a month old yesterday!  I can not believe how quickly a month has come and gone!  

What is Sadie up to these days?

  • The last time we went to the doctor, she weighed 7 lbs 13 oz, and was 20 1/2 inches long.  
  • She is still in newborn diapers.
  • She is wearing newborn clothes, and a few 0-3 months clothes
  • Her eye color is still up for debate - we're holding out for them to stay blue, but some days they look brown or green.
  • Her hair is dark, but after a bath has an Auburn tint to it!
  • We are still working on a feeding and sleeping schedule, and in just the past week she has started getting on more of a routine.  She is up to eating 3 ounces from a bottle, or nursing for about 15 minutes every 3-4 hours.
  • She LOVES to be rocked, and talked and sang to.  Her favorite song that I sing to her is "This Little Light of Mine" - she will almost immediately stop crying or fussing and listen when I starting singing.  Makes my heart so happy that she likes music!

Her most favorite spot in her room is on her changing pad.  She LOVES to just lay there and look at the bird painting above it on the wall.
We are still in awe of this precious angel!  I feel like pinching myself some days - it all seems like such a dream to have her in our lives.  How very blessed we are!

I haven't shared about Sadie's birth and the weeks after on the blog, but I plan to share that before the week is over...check back soon for all the details!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sadie Hope

Our precious little miracle baby, Miss Sadie Hope Powell, entered this world at 1:43pm on Thursday, July 25th.
 She weighed 7 pounds, 5 ounces and was 20 inches long.
Our little Sadie has been a miracle from the start 9 months ago, and she has continued to remind us how God has big plans for her in the past short 3 weeks of her life!     
We are over the moon in love with our sweet girl!