Friday, December 21, 2012

Little Monkey is 2!

Sweet Jenna Beth turned 2!! She is the most energetic, fun loving MESS that you have ever seen!! It was only fitting she have a monkey themed birthday party! :)  We used hot pink, yellow, and lime green as our theme. Fun fabrics, bright gerbers, and a few monkeys were all we needed - it turned out super cute!
Of course no party is complete without a super cute wreath!
And, some polka dot balloons for the birthday monkey's chair :)
Jenna Beth's day was complete when she opened her very own Bitty Baby!  She has been looking at the American Girl catalog from cover to cover for weeks (totally not exaggerating!), and Mama J made sure she got her own baby.  Welcome Baby Katie to the fam! :)
I still can't believe this precious gift from the Lord is 2 years old!  She has been an absolute blessing to our family, and we can't imagine life without her.  She brings so much joy and laughter in to the world!
Happy Birthday, Jenna Beth!  We love you!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Life Is Sweeter With Jesus

That was our theme for our Fall Fest this year, and everything was decorated with one of kids' most favorite things - CANDY! :)
 We made lollipops and candy corn for decorations at all the games...
 ...and, made candy themed games, like "Candy Corn Bowling"
and, "Lollipop Splash"!  

 Of course, the kids had a BLAST on the inflatables as well!
 But, probably the most favorite part for all was the encore show from last year from The Chin People!
"Plain Jane" who is...plain, and "Beatrice Aldwinkle" who hails from Liverpool...

Math Team Nerds:  "Charlotte Webster" who's dad wrote the Dictionary, and "Bertha Jerkins" who's dad invented nasal spray...

"Kandy" the cheerleader, and "Joe" the interpreter...

AND, "Aquafina"...who was convinced she was a dolphin.  

The girls worked so hard to develop their characters, wrote the script around the Fall Fest theme, and did a FANTASTIC job!!  

What a fun night!