Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's Yardsale Time!

This weekend I spent Friday and Saturday from sun-up to (nearly) sun down at the Longest Yardsale. Our church is on the highway that the yardsale goes down, so people set up all over our church's property selling items...and our church sells food. We are famous for our fried pies - apple, peach, banana, and chocolate - YUM!! Many people stop at our church strictly to come eat :)
Our children and youth sold lemonade and candy. My sweet girls took care of selling - they're so great :)It's a hot and tiring weekend, but so much fun!!I bought a bunch of great children's books for my classroom at really good prices - YEA! Did any of you come to the yardsale? I would love to hear if you did, and if you found any great finds!

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  1. I'm from Gadsden...of course I did! I bought a chip and dip that looks like blown glass and a Barney book (I hate Barney, but they are great speech therapy books!) I spent a whopping $6 :)