Sunday, August 29, 2010

Youth Sunday

Today was Youth Sunday at our church! We have Youth Sunday about 4 times a year where our Sunday morning worship service is focused around our children and youth - our children's group sings, the youth play an active role in leading the service, and Brad preaches. Today some of our teenagers did a drama to the song "When God Ran"...and, it was so good! The thing that made it so awesome is they put it together themselves - it started with one who had a vision and a conviction to do this, and they all jumped on board. The drama was powerful and had a heart piercing message of God's love for us!
Brad and I were so proud of "our kids" today and their willingness to serve the Lord...
God is doing great things in our ministry and our church...and, we are so excited to get to be apart of His work!

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