Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Simple Pleasures

I'm joining Top 2 Tuesday with Taylor! Today's topic is "Simple Pleasures".

My top 2 are:

1. A clean house. Friday has always been one of my fav days of the week for obvious reasons, but in recent days Friday has become THE fav day of the week because that's when my cleaning lady comes. :) Coming home to a mopped, dusted, sheets changed, toilets scrubbed, dishes put away, perfectly clean home equals one thing - The. Best. Feeling. Ever. Such an incredible way to start the weekend!

2. A card or note in the mail. There's just something about hearing from someone and reading the message in their handwriting...knowing they took the time to write a note of encouragement, thank you, or whatever the reason just to me...it just always makes me smile :)

Of course I have so many more that I could add...
~ Miss Ellie Jane
~ Finding money in my purse that I didn't know I had!
~ Hobby Lobby!!
~ Chatting with my Mama
~ Long drives with Brad
~ Laughing until my stomach hurts
~ Sleeping late
~ Finding a bargain
~ Dark chocolate

Have a great Tuesday!