Wednesday, January 18, 2012


1.  Brad and I got up 2 days after Christmas, and decided we were going to re-do our master bedroom...a few hours later, we had moved all of our furniture out, and was ripping carpet up!  When we decide to do something, we do it!  

2.  My house is still trying to recover from the amount of sawdust that it has been christened with in the past 3 weeks...I think sawdust is like sand at the beach - you keep finding it in places it should never be!!

3.  My husband is AMAZING - I can dream up the ideas, and he knows how to put it into action.  He has laid all of our hardwood and tile floors like a pro, while I stand by his side holding the hammer and nails waiting for his direction.  I feel like I haven't done much but hold things for him, and sweep and use the Shop Vac about 3,000,000,000 times to try to keep the sawdust at bay...but, WOW everything is looking FABULOUS!  Thank you, so much Bradley for all your hard work! 

4.  I started back to grad school last week - *sigh* - and, have 3 CLASSES...I will graciously accept any prayers sent up on my behalf this semester! :)

5.  Have I told y'all that my parents, sis, and me (well, not really me - I just give my opinion advice, and they let me tag along) have opened a shop?!  It's located in a neat place called Bakers on Main, where several merchants have little boutiques within one building.  Anyway, our shop - Judith B. and Company - is a super cute boutique that we opened at the first of December and business has been SUPERB!!   Mom and Val get to do all the fun stuff while I'm at school....

6.  BUT, this past weekend, I got to go with them to Atlanta to Market to buy new Spring items for our little shop, and oh what FUN we had!!!  Yes, I have decided I certainly could shop for a living, and not get tired of it. ever.  Amen.

7.  Also this past weekend, we took our high school students out after church Sunday night for dinner and late night bowling and had a super fantastic time!!!  Oh my, how I love our high school students!!  We didn't get in until long after midnight, and were exhausted the next day, but I wouldn't trade it!  Love y'all!!

8.  My sweet little Ellie had a birthday yesterday!  She turned 2 :)  We celebrated by spending the day at home...working on our bedroom!  Ellie didn't seem to mind to much - she was just happy to have both of us at home for a whole day, I'm sure!  We did let her have a few extra treats, too ;)

9.  I have not made one single resolution for the year - not one.  After the last 6 months of my life, I've decided my life motto for this year should just be "go with it" - go with whatever gets thrown at you each day, that is!  I'm approaching each day as a new day, and having goals within that day, and that's about all I can do for now.  Is anyone else in that place in their lives??! 

10.  I have been off sugar - completely OFF - for 14 days.  Not one soft drink, chocolate, candy, or white bread...and, I have NEVER felt BETTER in my entire life.  I didn't realize how much of a sugar junkie I was until I came off "the hard stuff".  It's been A-Mazing.  You need to try it - you'll be a believer, too!


  1. Where might I find Judith B. and Co. ? I have a feeling I would LOVE it!

  2. Congrats on the shop!

    And I need to know how you got off sugar! I am completely addicted, for real! Did you go cold turkey?

    1. I am doing a diet plan called "Body for Believers"...it is AWESOME!!!! The program is built on making your body work the way it's supposed to, which includes NO SUGAR. The first 2 days I felt AWFUL, but then after that it has been incredible how good I feel!! You should check it out - the website is www.body4believer.com

      Thanks for the comment!