Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hey friends!

Long time, no post!  I hope everyone has had a GREAT summer...it seems like I just got out of school and BLINK - it's time to start back again!  I can't believe how I've neglected my blog and my blog friends...graduate school and life have just gotten in the way of doing some of my fav things.  But, as Madea would say "HALLELUJER!", I have another semester of graduate school behind me!

Soooo, here's a 10 second catch up of what's happened since we last chatted...

* flowers for Tiffany and Lance's wedding (next post up!)

* VBS!

* a visit to the zoo with 3 of the Favorites

* Bailey Bash on the Bay!!

* new floors for our guest bedrooms...yep, Brad ROCKS!

* lots and lots of graduate school :-/

* lock-in with my high school girls - such a fun night!!

* painting and decorating my new classroom

....and, besides some swimming, grilling out, and shopping that about sums my summer up, folks!

I have several posts coming up in the next few days...just wanted to stop in to say "hey, y'all!" and let ya know I'm still here :)  Check back in to see Tiffany and Lance's wedding flowers tomorrow - oh my they were beautiful!!!

Looking forward to catching up and getting back in the swing of things...feels good to be back!

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