Sunday, February 3, 2013

Goodbye 1st Trimester!

We have made it to the 2nd trimester!!  WHOOP WHOOP!!!
(Week 14 baby bump picture...it's a tiny bump, but believe me it's there!)

This week has been a week I've been looking soooooo forward to!  The beginning of the 2nd trimester means the chance of miscarriage drops significantly (less than 1% chance).

This has been H.U.G.E. for me!  This is something to celebrate!!!  

I can finally get my hair highlighted now that I'm out of my 1st trimester.  Everyone that has seen my hair is joining together in the Hallelujah chorus.  The gray is shining.  It's bad, people!!  

I know a lot of bloggers do a week by week pregnancy update, but I know myself well enough to know...if I don't keep that up, I'll feel like I've failed, and then it won't be any fun.  SOOO, if I don't commit, I won't fail, right?! HA!!  No, really I just don't want anyone to get bored with that...I just want to document weeks that something new/extra special happens that I want to remember...I may do every week or I may not.  Just come and be surprised each time! :)  Alright, on to the fun stuff -

Pregnancy Highlights: 

How Far Along: 14 Weeks - I've graduated to the 2nd trimester!!  Thank you, Lord!!!!

Size of Baby: around 3.4 inches, and 1.5 oz - about the size of a lemon 

Maternity Clothes: I haven't bought any yet - since I knew we were doing IVF, I tried to buy things back in the summer and early fall that could easily work for early pregnancy clothes too.  So, I've LIVED in leggings, knit dresses/tunics and cardigans.  I can not wear ANY regular pants, except for my jeans which I have to use a hair tie through the button hole to even make those work! HA!!  

Gender: We'll know in 6 weeks - can not wait!!  We're in full swing of planning a super fun gender reveal party!  

Movement: None yet...should feel something in a few weeks!

Sleep: Oh mercy, this is the time of day when I truly feel pregnant.  Sleeping is already AWFUL! I can not get comfortable, no matter what I do.  ANY ADVICE IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!  We have bought a body pillow, a Snoogle, and a wedge pillow...none completely help.  I guess the Lord is just preparing me for being up at night with the baby! 

What I miss:  I desperately miss my walking/running time!  My doctor does want me to exercise, but not to the extent I was pre-pregnancy.  

Cravings:  Mostly just [unhealthy] food in general.  AND, I could eat about a dozen Cuties [manderins] every day and it still not be enough! 

Symptoms: Just feeling uncomfortable/yucky/blah. Kinda just want to lay around and do nothing, which is not exactly possible!

Crazy Dreams:  I have always been a crazy dreamer, but sweet Jesus have my dreams been in overdrive CRAZINESS since being pregnant!!  I've dreamt my mother was also pregnant, and it was oh so real.  Yes, ridiculous.  I know.  

Things People Say: Everyone has just been SO encouraging and excited!!  Sooo many wonderful, happy conversations!  

Weekly Wisdom: This pregnancy has been ANYTHING but textbook.  I've had strange symptoms, weird bleeding, etc.  I've been reminded repeatedly, every pregnancy is different.  While it's good to talk to others who've been pregnant before, it's also good to not compare your pregnancy with theirs.  It can cause unnecessary anxiety and fear that something is wrong.  I'm praying that God will help me to be content and secure in MY pregnancy alone and to TRUST HIM!!!!

Best Moment(s) This Week: Hearing our sweet baby's heartbeat at the doctor's office.  Hearing the doctor say everything looks perfect.  Brad and I going on our first crib shopping trip! :) 


  1. The snoogle was my best friend later on when the belly was in the way lol... before that I just had to move from my right side to my back every few hours (Bc the left side is bad for circulation of blood to the baby, I was told...)
    And pregnancy was definitely a time of wild dreams! Its so funny!
    I'm so excited that your in your 2nd trimester already! It's the more "laid back " time that your a little more free to be normal and you get a burst of energy...(I did, anyway) good luck with everything and I'm so excited for you!

  2. So excited for y'all. You both deserve this so much. My best friend was my boppy pregnancy pillow. My belly laid on top of it and then it wrapped all the way around me. Tim hated it but he didn't have a say because he wasn't pregnant. :) I bled the entire pregnancy with Mason. Blood is not always a bad thing.

  3. I am so excited for you! I just get chills reading it! God is Good!