Monday, February 24, 2014

A Little Snow and a Whole Lot of Love

A couple of weeks ago, we had a very eventful week!  The news was about one thing only - the WEATHER!  Snow and ice were coming our way and it was looking like it could be a lot.  We got a decent couple of inches on Tuesday, but Thursday we woke up to a Winter Wonderland!
We had a little over 5 inches of snow at our house, and my parents had 8 inches...that's a LOT of snow for Alabama!!
 Brad went to work because the roads were fairly clear, so Sadie and I had fun in the snow :).
 Sadie with her first snow girl!
 I let her taste the snow - she loved it!
The fun thing about this snow was it came, and was gone within 24 hours!  It was amazing that we had so much snow to lay in such a short time, and then disappear before the day was over!!
On Friday, it was Valentine's Day.  Sadie had her 6th month check up and shots that morning, but she's such a trooper, and did well.  We spent our first Valentine's as parents at home with our girl, fixed a fabulous meal, and enjoyed exchanging sweet gifts.

Sadie with her Valentine goodies from Mommy and Daddy - books, a Wiggimal, and Baby Mum Mums!
 Sadie got her Daddy a "bag full of (Hershey's) hugs and kisses" and Almond M&Ms because she's "nuts about him"...and, no, this did not come from Pinterest - straight from yours truly! ;)
What a week full of fun in the snow and lots of lovin' with this sweet girl!

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