Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sadie's 1st Easter!

Before Sadie, there were certain things I would always long to do as a mother - birthday parties, pumpkin patch trips, going to the zoo, and Easter...just to name a few.  I've looked so forward to spending this 1st Easter with Sadie, and seeing her experience the joy that this special holiday brings!! 

We started our Easter festivities on Saturday at Brad's parents with dinner and an egg hunt.  Sadie LOVED the eggs - she would just hold them in her little hand and shake them.  

The 3 girls...Sadie loves her cousins so much!!
Easter morning at church!  How thankful I am for the cross...for Jesus...and, for His love for me!  So undeserving of the grace He so freely gives!!  How I pray that Sadie will understand from an early age the love Christ has for her, and the power He has already shown in her life!
Y'all.  I know she's mine, but Sadie in that blue dress and bonnet.  Oh, my - I could eat her up!!
Sadie with her other 3 cousins...
After church and lunch, we came home to give Sadie her Easter goodies!
She got a Sophie and Lambie teether, sippy cup, a book, swimsuits, and sunglasses.  She really got in to pulling everything out and looking at it!  
Then, we headed to Mama J and Papa's for our Bailey family gathering.  We always take Easter pictures in front of my mom's Cherry Blossom tree - it's just beautiful when it's blooming!

And, we hunted eggs again :)  Sadie was happy with just one or two to hold and shake in the air...the other kids gladly hunted in her place! 

The crew for the day...and, we were missing 7 others!!  YES, 15 cousins under the age of 9...so much fun is ahead for little Sadie!
What a wonderful 1st Easter as a family of 3 we have had!!  Thank you, Father, for all you have done for us!!  Overwhelmed by His sacrifice for me, and for all that believe.  He is risen, He is risen indeed!!

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