Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Time For Change...

Blog friends, it has been quite a month!  Since I have turned 30 (which has only been 5 weeks) the following has happened in my life...

*  I have fallen 3 TIMES (does turning 30 change your equilibrium??!!)  No major injuries besides scrapes, bruises, and a little embarrassment
*  I had a slight mishap with a razor while shaving and - sorry to those with a weak stomach, but this one requires a visual aid to grasp the damage (does turning 30 affect your motor skills??!!)  
*  I have planned, decorated, and hosted a retirement reception for my mama (Pictures coming!!)
*  I have planned, decorated, and attended a Pajama Party for one of my friend's daughter's 5th birthday (Pictures coming!!)
*  I have met with 2 bride's about 2012 Spring weddings
*  I have planned and helped Brad with not 1, but 2 Children and Youth Ministry outings
*  I have transferred to a different teaching position...yes, an even newer one than the one I mentioned less than 2 months ago...change is always stressful (particularly in the middle of the year), but the good news is it is at a school with no more travel time than the 1st and I have friends there that I get to work with everyday :)  
*  I changed my Master's program...
*  and, a whole HOST of other events that I won't bore you with

Yes, people - 5 weeks of injuries, planning, hosting, stressing, and at-the-point-of-a-nervous-breakdown-moments.  I have dreaded 30, but never did I imagine what the beginning of a new decade would have in store for me!!  

Yet, this too shall pass...might as well start out rock solid CRAZY, so hopefully it will end with a FABULOUS finish! :) 

I decided I might as well embrace this new level of craziness in my life and take charge of CHANGE - I have ventured from my always a French pedicure to my mama's signature OPI "Cajun Shrimp"...this is the first time in YEARS to have anything but a Frenchy on my piggies :)  
Life altering, no...but, it's something I can control and right now I need something I feel I chose :)  It's the small things, people!!

And, I keep reminding myself...

God is good.
God is good!
God is GOOD!!

Thank you, Jesus for something that NEVER changes and I can ALWAYS count on!

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