Sunday, July 14, 2013

10 Years and Counting

This post is long overdue, but Brad and I celebrated 10 years of marriage back in April!!  That's something to celebrate!!

We spent the weekend in Atlanta, and had the best time shopping and eating, and just enjoying life away from home for a while :)

Celebrating 10 years of marriage just seems so surreal.  Where has the time gone??!!  In my mind, we're still 21 and 23, not 31 and 33!!!  

I look at that picture above and can't help but smile, and laugh just a little.  We were so excited to start our lives together, our hearts full of great ideas of what married life would be like.  10 years later (and maybe a tad bit more wiser), I wish I could tell the younger version of ourselves what was to come.  All the good and wonderful things; all the the bad, the ugly.  But, then that would take the "living" part out of the "life", wouldn't it?  Brad and I have had an amazing life together - most of it absolutely wonderful; some of it down right hard.  But, the BEST part of it - we have experienced it together.  And, I wouldn't change a single thing about it.  

And, can I just say my husband is pretty spectacular?!  He is by far the hardest working human being I know, and one of the smartest!  He knows how to do pretty much anything from renovating our house to computer stuff to fixing a car.  And, he loves Jesus.  And, he loves me unconditionally.  And, oh how my heart feels like it's going to burst when I think of him as a soon to be daddy to our baby girl.   He will be top notch, no doubt.  And, she'll probably have him wrapped around her little finger...and, that will be just fine. :)  

I love you so very much, Bradley!  You are BY FAR my most favorite!  Here's to another 10...or 100!

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