Friday, July 12, 2013

Her Name

Our baby girl's name will be Sadie.  Sadie Hope.
(Sadie at 30 weeks)

I've been dreaming of baby names for many, many years.  Some were thrown to the side for different reasons.  Tastes changed.  Other close family or friends chose a similar name. But, the things that have always been priorities to me:

1.  Our babies be named after family
2.  Our babies' names be thick with Southern tradition
3.  Our babies' names have meaning behind them

Over the past year leading up to our InVitro, Sadie became our top pick for a girl's name.  My Granny that I've mentioned many times on the blog was Sadie Virginia.  My Granny was the epitome of a Southern lady.  She had the Southern drawl, she had the Southern class, and she loved Southern traditions.  She loved Jesus, her church, and her family.  She was a true Southern Belle.  I loved my Granny dearly.  She and I were very much alike, and for that reason didn't always agree on everything.  But, oh how I loved her.  She taught me so many things, and I catch myself saying things that she was known for saying quite often.   I'm thrilled to name my sweet girl after such a strong, Southern lady.
(4D ultrasound at 30 weeks - her profile)

As for Sadie's middle name, Brad and I couldn't quite come to an agreement for a long time.  Every name I thought of, he would quickly say no to.  Nothing seemed to fit just right.  10 weeks 4 days in to this pregnancy, we thought we had lost the baby.  I had some extremely serious bleeding, and after going to the emergency room, was told I had in fact had a miscarriage.  However, I was sent on to another hospital for an ultrasound to be done.  The whole way to the 2nd hospital, Brad held my hand and told me to not give up HOPE, that we had an awesome God and to not give up on Him.  Well, after having an ultrasound at the 2nd hospital we found out our little miracle baby was completely FINE.  Her little heart was beating, and was in no distress of any kind.  PRAISE GOD!  We truly experienced a miracle that night and were reminded of God's unwavering faithfulness!  After receiving the news that our baby was okay, Brad said, "If it's a girl, she needs to be named Sadie Hope".  It was perfection.  Hope holds so much meaning to this road to bringing this baby in to this world.  I have referred to this journey on the blog as "waiting with hope".  Our hope throughout every step of the way has been in Jesus.  Our hope the night we were told by a medical doctor that we had lost this baby was in Jesus.  We have clung to Him because we didn't know what else to do.  Every thing about the journey of bringing our Sadie Hope in to the world has been built on one thing - HOPE.  I can't imagine naming her anything more meaningful.
(30 weeks - look at those lips!)

We love you so much already, Sadie Hope.  You hold our hearts, sweet girl!

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  1. I LOVE her name and she is adorable! Those sonograms are amazing! I pray you have a safe and easy delivery!