Friday, October 18, 2013

God and Hairbows

Yep, God and hairbows...that's not a post you see everyday, is it?!

A sweet family friend (Thank you, Mrs. Donnie!) sent this onesie to Sadie after we got home from the hospital.  The verse on the front is "For this child I have prayed" 1 Samuel 1:27, and holds great meaning to us.  Sadie has been a very prayed for, hoped for, longed for baby.  In our mind's eyes, it seemed to take a long time to get her here.  
The first time I put the onesie on her, I realized out of all the many hair bows Sadie has, she didn't have a purple one.  And, despite what Brad says, she always needs a bow to match! ;)  I immediately went to look in my ribbon stash for some purple ribbon to make a bow.  Of course I had some because I am a ribbon hoarder, and admit I have a ridiculous amount of ribbon!  I started thinking about the many bows I had made for all of my nieces and friend's children through the years.  All the time I had spent tying, cutting, and gluing bows to match all their cute little outfits...and, all the while longing to be doing that for my own daughter.  

That's when it hit me.  

This was the first bow I had ever made Sadie.  All of her other bows had been given to me at her showers, or I had purchased them.  This was the first time I was making a bow for my own, not someone else's.
And, how coincidental (but not really all that coincidental, because that's just how God is) that this first self-made bow would be made to match such a special onesie with this verse?  All those years of making bows for everyone else, was spent praying for my own baby to come.  And, the Lord was faithful and gracious enough to allow us to have the desires of our hearts. 
Those 10 years of waiting were so long...many days of heartache...many days of asking "why?"...many days of just feeling like maybe God didn't hear our prayers.  But, all the while there was hope in our hearts that we clung to and trusted that He had a plan much bigger than our own.

Today, looking at that sweet baby wearing a verse of faithfulness and the first of many mommy-made bows overwhelms my heart with thankfulness for His perfect timing.  

Thank you, Lord "for this child I have prayed", thank you for answering those prayers, and thank you for the journey to get her here.  

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