Thursday, March 20, 2014

It's a Girl (One Year Later)!

On this day last year, Brad and I went to the doctor in anxious anticipation of finding out what gender our Baby Powell would be...
After 10 years of marriage and waiting for Baby Powell to arrive, we didn't care if it was a boy or girl...
 we just wanted to KNOW what it was!!!!
And, OH MY GOODNESS how excited we were to find out Baby Powell was a GIRL!!!!  
Today, one year later, we spent the day at the doctor again but this time with our sweet girl for a check up on her TEF progress.  We got a very good report, and are so thankful!!!  This is our first doctor's visit that we left without scheduling a surgery for the near future!  
On this day last year, we had never heard of tracheo-esophageal fistula (what a mouthful!!) and there wasn't a thought in mind of anything but having a healthy pregnancy and baby...and, knowing that I was going to decorate a nursery for a girl!  I've tried to imagine what life would have been like if things had been different...no scary prognosis at birth, no hospital stays, no surgeries.  How much easier that would have been, right?  Yes, of course!


We would have missed out on the blessings the Lord has poured on us through Sadie's story.  The miracles we have gotten to experience and share with others.  The people that we have met.  The heart change that we have had because of what the Lord allowed to happen.
How thankful I am for a God who sees the bigger picture that I do not see.  For a God that created this precious angel exactly how He NEEDED her to be to fulfill His plan.  That those 9 months that I carried her, praying for every part of her to be healthy and perfect, He was knitting her together in my womb, perfect in His sight to prepare her for a plan much bigger than my own.  
And y'all, how humbled I am to be her Mama and be a part of her story.  

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