Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Fun!

We had a great Memorial Day weekend filled with lots of family time.  Memorial Day means the beginning of summer to me, and I always look forward to it!  After we had lunch with Brad's family, we came home and enjoyed the rest of the day just the 3 of us.  We rode Sadie around in her red wagon Mama J and Papa got her for Christmas, and then let her play in her little pool.  It was a perfect afternoon!  We were all in our red, white, and blue so I grabbed my camera while Sadie was in her wagon, and got a few shots...

Little stinker quickly figured out how to stand up in the wagon, and of course that's all she wanted to do then!  She is a girl on the move these days!

Mommy and her favorite girl!  I could just eat her up!!
Y'all, this girl loves Ellie so much.  She just lights up when she sees her in the mornings, and will laugh from her belly if Ellie decides to give her a lick on the hand (...or cheek!).  They are the best of buds.  
The pool was a big hit with Sadie!  She adores bath time, so I was expecting her to enjoy the water, but wasn't sure how well she would be able to move around in the pool.  She did great!  Loved crawling in the water, and playing with the toys...and, of course standing up!

What a fun day we had to kick off the beginning of summer!!  How thankful I am for the men and women that have fought for our freedom so we can enjoy this great country we get to call home!!  Happy Memorial Day!

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