Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sadie is 10 Months Old!

Sadie Hope hit the double digits this week!  She is 10 months old!!  
What is Sadie up to these days?
  • Sadie weighs 18 lb, 11 oz (50%), and is 27 1/2 inches long (18%).
  • She is in size 3 diapers.
  • She is mostly in 6-9 months and a few 12 months clothes. 
  • She continues to be a great eater!  This month, we have introduced her to watermelon, cranberries, mango, cherries, spinach, rutubagas, and tree nuts.  She loves all fruits and vegetables!!  
  • Sadie has finally decided to go back to her good sleeping habits ;)!  We still have a few nights that she gets up during the night, but thankfully those are becoming few and farther between.  
  • The girl talks ALL the TIME!!  If she's awake, she's jabbering!  She now says "ba ba" for bottle, and I think she's trying to say a form of "Ellie" as well.  
  • We are officially crawling...everywhere!  And, she is pulling up on everything.  Sadie has no plans to sit still for very long these days!  Our 10 month photo session was quick because Little Miss wouldn't sit still like she once would for pictures!  
Sadie's favorites are still her books, any and all music, Ellie, playing in water, her Tiger, and Mickey Mouse.  Her favorite book right now is "Kisses".  
Sadie had her 9 month developmental check up with her pediatrician this month.  She is right on target with her speech, social skills, and motor skills!  Dr. Rochelle was pleased to see her weight has finally gotten up to the 50th percentile.  Her length is still only in the 18th percentile, but because her other developmental levels are good, Dr. Rochelle said to not be too worried.
And, what she lacks in length, she makes up for in happiness!  This little girl is probably the happiest, smiliest baby you'll ever find!  I prayed daily while I was pregnant that Sadie would have a sweet and joyful spirit, and the Lord granted me that!  She is cautious around new folks, but quickly becomes friendly and flashes a big smile.  She's very laid back, and just happy! :)

Our girl has so many different nicknames that we call her, but probably the 2 she's called most often are Goose and Goosey (short for "silly goose")...she's always giving these funny little looks like she knows something you don't, and she will laugh when she hears someone else laughing.  Love my Goose!!
This month has consisted of lots of celebrations - family birthdays, Sadie's dedication, my first Mother's Day, lots of end of the school year/church year festivities - it's been a fun and busy month with our girl!!
These 10 months of life with Sadie have been better than I could have ever imagined!  How blessed our lives are to be called her parents!

 Happy 10 months, Sadie Hope!!

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  1. I'm crazy about this baby! Good post mama!!