Friday, June 6, 2014

A Trip to the Zoo

Last week, we went to the zoo!  Valerie and I have been planning for several weeks to take Sadie and Jenna Beth before it got too hot, and at the last minute Carolyne and Sam decided they wanted to go too!  It was a super fun day, with perfect weather!!
Sadie loves to be outside, and enjoys riding in her stroller, so I knew she would at least enjoy that part of the trip.  She actually noticed the animals, and would smile when she saw them.  
We all LOVED the giraffes, so we spent a lot of time there.  They're just so unique and beautiful...God amazes me at his workmanship in all the animals!!
My little giraffe :)
It was feeding time when we first got to the zoo, and Jenna Beth got to feed the giraffes.  I have never seen a child love animals as much as Jenna Beth does!!  She was sooooo excited to go to the zoo, and talked about it for days leading up to going (she's been several times before).  Every animal that we stopped to look at, she would say "I want to get in there with them"! HA!

Speaking of Jenna Beth, she and Sadie are the best of buddies.  Sadie LOVES all of her cousins, and always has the biggest time playing with all of them.  But, she ADORES Jenna Beth.  Such sweet girls!
The older 3 kids got to ride a camel...and, OH MY, they loved it!  

And, what trip to the zoo would be complete without a ride on the train?!  Little Sadie konked out just right before we got on the train, so she slept through the ride.  She didn't sleep long though - she took a little power nap, and was ready to go again when we were getting off the train!!  She was too cool for words in her pink shades. ;)
I always love the tigers...it must be all that orange and blue running through my veins ;)!!  Sadie liked the tiger exhibit too because it was just the right height for her to get to stand up and look in like a big girl.
What a great day we had for Sadie's first trip to the zoo!!  I've been looking forward to sharing lots of "firsts" with my girl, and this was one of those special firsts that I was so excited to do.  It turned out to be just perfect, with lots of fun memories.  We can't wait to go back again soon!

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  1. So fun! We love the Bham Zoo! We go all the time with little dude.