Friday, June 20, 2014

Father's Day!

Brad got to celebrate his 1st Father's Day this year with this sweet little one!  I had looked so forward to my 1st Mother's Day, but I was just as equally excited to celebrate this special day with Brad.  
Sadie and I gave Brad some pictures of the 2 of them from the day she was born and when she was just a few weeks old (with our other baby, Ellie!), and some new clothes.
Sadie adores her Daddy so very much!!  She gets so excited when he comes home from work everyday, and loves for him to play and tickle her! I love to watch her eyes light up when she sees him, and how caring and gentle he is with her.  What a special bond these two share!  
Thank you, Bradley, for all you do for our family!  You are the most hard working person I know, and you always make sure your girls are taken care of.  The Lord blessed Sadie with a great daddy, and me with a wonderful husband!  We love you!!!
We also celebrated the day with our own fathers.  My daddy is my biggest fan, and toughest critic...always, always, always wanting us to learn from our mistakes, and try our hardest.  He's tough on the outside, but really just a big ol' teddy bear on the inside that loves his family and the Lord.  No matter how old I am, I know I can always count on my Daddy to come to my rescue no matter what.   Thank you Daddy for loving us and always taking care of us!!
 And, this little Goose thinks he's pretty great too!  Cheesin' BIG! :)
We all love our PAPA!!  We spent the afternoon with my daddy playing cornhole, eating watermelon, and sitting outside under the tree...I think that's probably about as perfect of a day as it gets!

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