Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sadie is 12 Months Old!

Our Sadie Hope is 12 months old!!  I can't believe a year of her little life has already came and gone!  
Months leading up to Sadie's birthday, Brad and I talked about making the day of her birth a special day for just the 3 of us.  Her birthday party was planned for the following day, so family and friends could see her (and us!) on that day.  We started the day out with Sadie's 1st pancakes and singing Happy Birthday!
 She LOVED every single bite! :)
After breakfast, I took Sadie's 12 month pictures and then we spent much of the day in Birmingham, going to visit the doctors and nurses that took such good care of our little Miracle Baby.  Her birthday was such a special, special day!  

My sweet little Angel Baby, what a precious gift from the Lord you are!  We waited so long for you to come, and you are the most perfect answer to our prayers!  
You are so full of life and personality, and so so much joy!  You make my heart swell every time you flash one of your big open mouth smiles, or giggle from your belly!  You are such a happy, funny little girl!
I have loved this past year of watching you learn and grow.  You have changed so very much, and I'm just amazed how quickly you pick up on new things and your curiosity to explore.  From rolling over, to sitting up, to crawling, to standing, and now learning how to walk...trying out your 1st foods to now finger feeding yourself...hearing your self make sounds, to cooing, to saying Da Da and Ma Ma, and now jabbering every moment you're awake...you've definitely been a busy girl!!
We experienced so very many firsts this year.  Holidays and birthdays.  Trips to the zoo, beach, and the lake.  First tooth, first words, first steps.  Sweet, sweet moments.   
As bittersweet as it is to see this chapter of your first year of life come to a close, how excited I am to watch you grow another year!  I know this time next year, I will look back at these pictures and think how very small you were, and how much more you've grown and learned.  
As much as you adore your Daddy, you are a Mama's girl big time - and, I'm completely ok with that! The Lord allowed me to be home with you this past year, and how thankful I am for every moment that we shared.
I pray that the Lord would guide me to know how to mother and parent you to become the person He created you to be.  To teach you the things you need to know to be a little lady, and a follower of Christ.  And, that I would nurture that bubbly joy and sweet spirit that the Lord granted you, that I prayed you would have!  
Oh, how I love you so very much!

 For 31 years of my life, July 25th was just another summer day.  However, the past 2 years it has been one of my most favorite days!  July 25th, 1:43 pm.  Happy Birthday, Sadie Hope!!

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