Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sadie's Pink Lemonade Party, Part 2

Sadie's party was such a fun day of celebration!  I think it was by no coincidence that the day of her party fell on the anniversary of her initial TEF repair surgery.  While her actual birthday was a day to celebrate her birth, her party was such a true celebration of her life and what all she has came through in the past year!
Before the party started, Anna came early to take some pictures of Sadie with Brad and I.  These are some of my most favorites!


As everyone arrived, the kids played in the play stations - bouncy balls, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, water table, and wagon rides.  

Then, we ate and got to visit with our sweet family and friends that came to celebrate Sadie Hope.  She is loved by so many dear people that prayed for her long before she was born and the weeks following her birth spent in the NICU.  We have MUCH to celebrate in this little one's life!!

This is one of my absolute favorite pics from the whole day - it makes me smile for soo many reasons.  I adore the 2 girls in it so very much and am thankful for the bond they share.  We love Mrs. Ashley!!!
Then we changed Sadie in to her "Smash Clothes" for cake time!  Brad's Aunt Jamie made her party hat, bib, and bloomers to match the party.  She is so good to us, and Sadie!  We love you, Aunt Jamie!!
And, I have to brag on my sweet daddy for just a minute.  The high chair Sadie used was actually his when he was a child, and Valerie and I both used it as well.  I had wanted to use it for Sadie but wanted it repainted from the original dark walnut stain to bright white.  My daddy took on the task of re-doing the chair, working to make it just perfect.  In between coats of paint and sanding, I caught a glimpse of the chair and fell in love with how it look distressed and not the perfect white chair I first envisioned.  That daddy of mine - what a good job he did to make a very old, loved piece of the past ready to use again for our little Sadie Bug's party and many more days of use!
Sadie with her cousins...oh my goodness, they love her SO MUCH!  She is well entertained and has their undivided attention when any of them are around!   

Sadie's cake was her first real bite of something sweet.  I was completely expecting her to just dive in to it, but she just pinched tiny little bites off.  She's such a dainty little girl!

After we got cleaned up, it was present time!  Everyone was so gracious and kind with so many sweet gifts for our Sadie Hope!

What a perfect day of celebrating our little Sadie!  She has brought more joy to our lives than I could possibly put in to words.  Oh how we love you, sweet girl!!!
Happy 1st Birthday, Sadie Hope!

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