Monday, September 29, 2014

Sadie's 1 Year Pics

Hello blog friends...long (too long) time, no see!!!
I blinked my eyes after Sadie's birthday party, and 2 months passed.  We have been busy with life, as usual...but, having so much fun with our little 1 year old!!  Our days are filled with lots of playing and singing and reading books - oh, how my girl ADORES books!! I'm so, so thankful to spend this season of life at home with my little one!
Since Sadie's birthday, she has done lots of new things...

Taken her first steps!!

New teeth...a total of 8 now!  She only had 4 at her birthday, so she's been a busy girl!!

Saying new words - dog, "E Jaa" for Ellie Jane, "ba" for ball, and "lo" for hello.

She can sign "All done" and "More".

I had planned to have professional pictures done for her 1 year pics, but it never worked out.  So, I decided to just do them myself.  I think they capture my sweet girl's personality!  
The dress she is wearing is a family treasure.  Both of my nieces, Carolyne and Jenna Beth, had their 1 year pictures made in this dress.  And their brother, Sam, had his 1 year pictures made in the matching Jon Jon outfit.  How very special for Sadie to now get to wear it for her pictures!!

I can't believe how much Sadie has already changed in the past 2 months.  She's becoming more and more of a toddler and wanting to be more independent.  I always think I'm going to be sad when she becomes "less" of a baby, but I absolutely LOVE the stage she is in right now!!  

I'm looking forward to sharing life together on the blog again!  See you back soon!

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