Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One Rainy Weekend in NOLA

No joke - this is a picture of how the streets looked when Brad and I arrived in New Orleans Saturday night!! I was a little...ummm...nervous. Just a little. They've had issues with flooding in the past, ya know!!

Brad had to go to campus to take finals for this semester, so I went with him. I just love going so very much - I love to be on campus with him - it makes me feel a little more a part of the whole experience. But, the traveling and weather conditions this trip were anything but enjoyable. We arrived in heavy rain and, as you can see, minor flooding on Saturday, and left on Monday afternoon in thick fog and a terrential downpour . But, I'm hoping and praying for Brad that our luck with the weather will not be the case with his finals!!

When we've gone to New Orleans in the past for Brad's classes, it's always a whirlwind trip and we haven't had a chance to enjoy the city. Sunday evening we had an opportunity to go downtown, and we went to eat at the Cheesecake Bistro on Saint Charles (in the Garden District). A ministry friend had mentioned that we needed to go sometime, and it was oh so very delicious! Thanks, Cindy :) We also shopped a little bit, and finished our Christmas shopping - YAY!!

Well, that was our weekend - LOTS of rain, many hours in the car, some yummy food and a little shopping, and a crazy amount of studying. Typical weekend for us.

Except the rain.

And, the hours in the car.

And, the studying.

OK, basically the eating and shopping are typical.

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  1. Sounds like fun. GLad you made it back safe! :)