Thursday, December 30, 2010

Receptions, Weddings, and Christmas Plays - Oh My!

Hey y'all! I hope everyone had a wonderfully splendid Christmas filled with lots of love, joy, family, and friends!! My month was soooo incredibly busy with so many things going on that Christmas Day really snuck up on me. And, since I haven't shared many pics with y'all during the entire month, I thought I should catch you up to speed on what in the world has kept me so busy!

I had the pleasure of doing some floral arrangements and decorating for a 50th Wedding Anniversary reception of a very special couple in our church, Mr. and Mrs. Parker!  Their family is so very special to us, and it was an honor to get to be a part of planning for this day for them. I sure do hope this will be Brad and I one day! :)

 I didn't get a lot of pictures at the reception, but this was the main food table...
We also did a wedding this month (the weekend before Christmas - yes, we are COMPLETELY crazy!!!)  It actually was at the church I grew up at, so it was fun to get to see soooo many familiar faces.  The bride was one of "my girls" from way back when, and I taught her small group Bible Study group when she was in high school...so, it was really special to get to do her wedding!  Congratulations, Jerika and Bo!! 
The colors of the wedding were moss green (my FAVORITE color!!!), reds, and creamy white...it was so elegant and wintery and Christmasy!!  This was one of the bridesmaids bouquets...
I HANDMADE these wreaths that lined the center aisle pews.  They were made of different greenery and berries, and a wired scrolly "B" made of pearls hung in the middle of them.  They were just beautiful (if I may say so myself)
The church already looked beautiful with all the Christmas decorations, so just adding a few flowers and candlelight was all that was needed.
We also did the reception and catering.  My mom always does a FAB job with all the food!
And, last but most definitely not least we had a Christmas Program at church the week before Christmas.  The cast of characters was primarily played by some of our children and teenagers, and they did a phenomenal job in "The Best Gift EVER!"  
Goodness gracious, I'm wore out just telling you about all of that!! I can't wait to share with you tomorrow about the wonderful WHITE Christmas we had here in North Alabama!!!

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  1. beautiful decorations and so much fun! I love christmas plays too!!!