Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Land of Ma'am

Today, I was in a meeting with someone from Oregon, and she made a statement that stuck in my head.  She was sharing that when she landed at the Birmingham airport, she called her husband to let him know she had landed in Alabama safely.  He responded by saying, "So, you're back in the land of ma'am!"  She went on to say that she loves the South, particularly Alabama, because most people are so welcoming and hospitable and call her "ma'am" - something that is rarely heard in her home state. 

That reminded me how much I love the South and how proud I am to call it home :) 

I love
our ice cold sweet tea,
our Southern drawl,
our nostalgia to the past,
our long, hot summers (I'll feel differently in July I'm sure!),
our excitement over an inch of snow in the winter,
our love for college football :),
our yummy food (biscuits, gravy, grits, fried chicken, and so much more),
our AMAZING produce in the summer,
our beautiful farmlands,
our words - ("y'all" and "fixin' to" just to name a few!)
our Southern hospitality,
and yes, that most of us still say "Sir" and "Ma'am"!

It's great to live in the Land of Ma'am!


  1. Yes, yes, & yes! I love our state and am proud to live in the "land of ma'am"!! I recenty read the children's book, Y is for Yellowhammer and it gave me an even deeper appreciation for our beloved state and her history!

  2. that is SO CUTE!!!! I love it and just might have to adopt that saying!!

  3. Even though Texas isn't considered a "southern" state, we also live in the land of Ma'am and I love it. Along with most of the other things you listed!