Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Life in a List

1.  We have had revivial with David Engesath at church this week, and WOW...it has been sooooo soooo soooo good!  God is doing great things at Mt. Vernon!!  David is not just a "preacher" but he is a potter, and he does pottery during his messages.  It is so powerful, and makes the verse "I am the potter, you are the clay" come to life!!

2.  Last weekend we had the 4 Favorites over for a spend the night party...we had a GREAT time!  While they were here, we threw Ellie a birthday party for her 1st birthday.  It was so cute, and the kids had an absolute B.L.A.S.T. at our puppy themed party!!  Pictures to come soon!!

3.  Speaking of Ellie, she had surgery today to repair her right leg and knee.  She has a little genetic knee problem, and the vet felt it should go ahead and be fixed before she got too much older.  She is having to stay overnight, and I will be able to pick her up tomorrow.  Say a little prayer for our sweet fur baby...I hate the thought of her being in any kind of pain :(

4.  Now that revival is over we will be getting back in to FULL SWING of finishing up some home projects that we have started.  I forsee lots and lots of painting in my future...and, then we will be laying hard wood!! YEA!!!!! 

5.  I booked the first wedding for 2011 last week!!  The past several weeks have been a wonderful break from flowers and catering and decorating (although I absolutely love all of it!!)  I'm enjoying my "time off" because I know my calendar for the year will be jam packed before I can blink!

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