Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Bebo Norman that is.

Ahhhh, I just ADORE his music....love, love, love it.  He was one of my very first favorite contemporary Christian artists years ago, and he stills ranks right up there close to the top.  I love his music, but I love his testimony even more that is on his website:

One of the things I am most thankful for in playing music for a living is that it was never my intention. I am an accidental musician, at best, who sort of stumbled uncomfortably onto this journey half-protesting and with great trepidation. Admittedly, much of my fear was based in the mystery of the unknown and the lack of control of things, much like any graduating college student heading out into the real world, but quite a bit more was based in the fact that I never quite felt “cut out” for this sort of work. I always felt like a bit of an imposter…like I would some day, inevitably, be “found out” and everyone would realize that all this time I was just pretending to be a songwriter, just posing as an artist...All I know for certain is that music was meant to be part of the story God was choosing to tell for me, whether I planned it or not. I was just a college kid with a Biology Degree and firm sites set on absolutely nothing apart from medical school. But I also wrote songs. My own little “personal therapy sessions,” as I like to call them, were never really intended for use outside of my living room walls. But thanks to a few close friends who quite literally forced me to face the possibility of “seeing what would happen” with music, here I am today. A 1-year “experiment” before planning to apply for medical school has turned into a 15-year career of writing and playing songs. I can say with all honesty that I have no idea how it happened. People ask me all the time how to “get started” in music and I have to tell them that I quite literally don’t know. I can say this. It was not comfortable for me. It was not my dream. It was not my life’s ambition. I was afraid. I was insecure. I was not up for the task. But I believe that God was. I believe that God saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself. I believe there was a Spirit flowing in a certain direction and I knew only enough to not try to swim against it...What I know to be true is that, for whatever reason, God is for us and He chooses to use us. And He wants to use us right where we are.

Thank you, Lord for knowing what is best for us even we don't have a clue what You're doing! 

I of course have to share one of Bebo's songs, and I could post every single one of them I just love them so much.  Bebo has a way of sharing his heart so personally in his songs.  "Nothing Without You" is one of my all time favs...enjoy!! 

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