Tuesday, January 11, 2011

National Champs!!!!

Can I just say...
WARRRRRRRRRRRR EAGLE, HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
It is GREAT to be an Auburn Tiger today!!!!!  Auburn played a great game against Oregon, with us on the edge of our seats (and lots of yelling, clapping, and jumping around) the whole game.  After lots of controversy, lots of obstacles, and lots of bashing, Auburn played their hearts out and all their hard work throughout the season paid off to become the National Champs! 

Long before we even knew snow would be in the forecast for the day, Brad and I had planned to stay home for the game, and watch it here.  As soon as I took down my Christmas decor, I put my Auburn stuff back out.  Come rain, hail, sleet, or snow we support the ORANGE and BLUE!!!! WAR EAGLE!!
...but we mainly wanted to watch the game at home because Brad and I can scream and holler and dance around like fools in the comfort of our own home instead of trying to somewhat hold our composer when watching with others! HA! 
I cooked most of the afternoon so we had a spread of "game food" to snack on throughout the game...yum!!  I made several dips - Tomato Horseradish Dip, Creamy Corn Dip, and Hot Cheese Dip; stuffed mushrooms (sooo good!!), Hot Olive Cheese Bread, and one of Brad's favs - Chex Mix. 
We were BEYOND WORDS excited at the end of the game...I think we scared poor little Ellie to death with all the cheering and celebrating! :)  I'm so proud for our team, our school, and the Auburn Family!



  1. I usuall Roll with the TIde but I will give those a big WAR EAGLE!! The food looks so yummy!!

  2. Thanks for the War Eagle! :) And, it was soooo very yummy!!