Monday, January 10, 2011

First Snow of 2011!!

Have you heard the entire South East is covered in snow?? 
Across North Alabama, there is between 6-12 inches of snow...I know, I know - to most of the country that doesn't seem like a whole lot to write about.  But, in the South, that's a WHOLE LOT to write about!!  Pretty much everything is closed - schools, banks, businesses.  Even Brad's company closed due to severe driving conditions. 
We've had a blast getting to be home, and play :)  We took a little walk around our neighborhood and everything was just so pretty!!
There were lots out tubing and sledding, and a few were trying to build snowmen (it's not good snow for snowman building though...way too icy).
Miss Ellie Jane liked this snow lots better than the snow we had at Christmas.  There is a thick sheet of ice on top of the snow, so she could run and not sink down into the snow...she was so funny running around!! 
We've spent the rest of the day staying warm in the house, and getting ready for the BIG GAME tonight!!!!  Can't wait to watch our Tigers!! :)


  1. i'm wishing we were covered in snow. it snowed here a TINY bit on christmas day and that was it..more like a small flurry.....here in florida not much snow.

  2. We've had so much fun!! You'll just have to make a trip "North" and come play! :)