Wednesday, March 16, 2011


This past weekend, I took some of my high school girls from church to Complete, an all girls retreat. We had a GREAT time!!

The girls were soo excited about this weekend, and I was too!  We have such a great group of girls!  
Our Bible Study leader was Amy Pierson, and she is PHENOMENAL!!!  She has such a heart for Girls' Ministry and them knowing the Lord and His Word intimately.  She has a new book out that I can't wait to dive in to, Table for Two
Our worship leader for the weekend was the AWESOME Kerrie Roberts, who you have heard if you listen to Contemporary Christian at all...her #1 hit No Matter What  is a fav of mine! 
While at the conference, they prayed over the Acteen Activator groups that would be serving this summer on various mission trips.  When I was in high school, I went on an Acteen's Activator trip and was one of my most favorite mission trips...I pray the Lord would use these girls to minister to others as well as to speak to their own hearts as they prepare to serve and while they are there!
We didn't have a tremendous amount of free time, but we enjoyed every minute we had together!!  What better way to enjoy a Girls' Night than to share a little Krispy Kreme!! :) 
 I can't wait to share another GREAT weekend with my sweet girls and the Lord...how very blessed I am!!

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