Monday, May 2, 2011

Praise You In The Storm

The loss that my great state has endured the past several days has been so overwhelming.  Last Wednesday night, numerous tornados ripped through our state, leaving unsurmountable devastation.  My heart is so sad for so many that lost their homes, lost their "normal", lost family members.  I've heard story after story of mothers, fathers, and children that were swept up in the wind and are no where to be found.  Sooo very sad.  My family was so very blessed - with the exception of a couple trees down, and the inconvenience of no electricity or water for several days - no one was hurt. 

Although we don't understand natural disasters like this, we trust our God is a mighty God, and much bigger than even this.  We praise Him for the lives spared, and for this opportunity to serve Him by helping others. 

Please pray for the thousands of people still without power, no homes to go to, and that have lost loved ones. 

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