Sunday, May 22, 2011

You're Gonna Miss This

Tis the season to hear Pomp and Circumstance all across the land, and I have heard so many Seniors this year say, "I'm leaving and not coming back" and "Graduation day couldn't have gotten here sooner" - I remember feeling a little bit like that myself, but oh how I wish I could go back now!!  Not for long, maybe just a day or two to remember the care free days of no job or responsibility and the day to be filled with friends and worrying about what our plans would be for the weekend ;)  Ahh, I definitely miss that!!  

When I heard this song the other day, I immediately thought of those kids graduating, but it also made me think of myself in the here and now.  I have such a bad habit of "wishing life away" and having the "can't-wait-til-itis" that I almost let life quietly and quickly slip by and not enjoy the season of life I'm in...and, I know if the day comes for Brad and I to be parents, I will definitely at times miss the "before babies" season such as:

*  sleeping in late on Saturdays
*  making last minute decisions to go on weekend trips
*  spending money on things just for Brad and I - although we all know I certainly won't mind buying sweet little smocked outfits! ;)
*  the quiet!

No matter what season of life we may be in - fun or not - there are always things we can find to enjoy about that season and cherish the time we have those things. 

I'm gonna enjoy life today - what about you??

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