Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tangled Up In Birthday FUN!

This past weekend, Carolyne celebrated her 7th birthday with a Rapunzel themed slumber party!  She chose this theme months ago when she fell in love with the Disney movie "Tangled", and Valerie and I had lots of fun with the theme for the party :)  We braided what seemed like 100s of feet of yellow yarn for hair that we used all around the house for decoration!  I made this little sign to greet the excited girls at the front door as they arrived to the party.
We decided to focus on decorating the dining room since that would be where the girls would eat and do crafts.  I painted a tower, and we added lots and lots of moss and artificial flowers from the dollar store, and of course Rapunzel's hair!!
We wanted the party to be super girly, so we used pink and purple as the main color scheme, with touches of yellow (with the hair!!).  We covered the table in layers of purple and pink satin and tulle, and scattered flowers down the middle.  We also tied tulle bows around the chairs, and put little flower bouquets in the middle of the bows - so adorable!
For the food table, Valerie made the cute "Happy Birthday" banner with the purple pennants and yes, more "hair"! 
 Valerie had each of the girls a little crown to wear - they all look like little princesses :)
The girls made several crafts during the party, and one were these super cute chameleon party blowers (if you've seen the movie, you'll remember the little chameleon that was Rapunzel's friend)
 And, they painted canvases, and they all turned out absolutely ADORABLE!!  We had several templates to let them choose from, then we let them paint and decorate their canvas however they wanted...they are all little artists!!
We ended the night watching the movie, Tangled, of course!!

 The party turned out just perfect, and the girls had a fabulous time!  This age is so fun, and Carolyne was sooo excited about her Rapunzel party :)
Happy 7th Birthday, Carolyne!!!  I love you! 

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