Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A SUPER Birthday!

"Calling all super heroes:
throw on your cape fast as a flash!
Be ready to make a big splash!
Sam needs your help to celebrate
his 5th Birthday bash!"

Our only "boy" of the 4 Favorites - sweet Sam - turned 5!!!  When Valerie asked him what kind of party he wanted, he said a swimming super hero party...so, that's what we did!!  We can make just about any kind of theme work! :)  Valerie and the Cricut became the best of friends during the planning of this party - we even made the adorable invitations using the Cricut!  With me in the middle of getting ready for students in my new classroom, Valerie had to do a lot of the prep work on her own and then I helped her set up.  It turned out so cute!  

She made this city scene out of a black plastic tablecloth and yellow electrical tape for windows.  The little Super Hero boy and girl (that we even personalized for the party with their snorkels and goggles!!) were cut from the Cricut as well as the little pop word bubbles that had words like BAM!, SPLASH!, POP!, and CANNON BALL! on them.  
We even used the pop word bubbles to name the food super hero names like Batman Burgers, Super Dogs, Hero Beans, POW! Potatoes, and Super Power Chips! And, we used some of Sam's Super Hero dress up clothes - masks, capes, and costumes to dress the table...

Valerie made each child a felt mask and plastic cape to wear at the party - and, yes, even the girls LOVED the theme!!!  
Valerie even made tiny little masks for the youngest of guests - look at this little Super Hero cutie pie!!
And, of course a Super Hero party wouldn't be complete without a "villian" coming to try to break up the party...thankfully, all of these Super Heros were able to fight him off with their super powers!!
Valerie had each guest a beach towel to take home as a thank you gift for coming to the party - since it was the end of the season, she got them on sale!!  Great gift idea!
 Sam had a SUPER party - it was so cute, and the kids had a great time!!!
 Happy 5th Birthday, Sammy!!!  We love you!

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