Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Day

Valentine's Day...when I think of Valentine's Day, I have a picture that almost instantly pops in my head of being in Mrs. Hale's 3rd grade class at Corley Elementary. I remember so distinctly getting to decorate heart shaped sugar cookies with red and pink glittery sugar, heart sprinkles, and lots and lots of icing. I thought that was probably the best thing that had ever happened at school in my entire life! HA! Much like these sweet girls thought when Aunt Hayley brought in cookies to decorate Friday night:

Kailey giggling at Taylor having icing all over her! She thoroughly enjoyed her cookie :)

Kenedi was all into icing her cookie!

Loadin' up on sweet goodness!
I have very sugary sweet, happy, fun memories of Valentine's Day. The day of love.

I have always felt like Valentine's Day is just a time to be reminded to say "I love you" - not just to the romantic love in your life, but to family and friends.

To give an extra special hug.

To tell someone how much they mean.

And, ...an excuse to eat an extra piece of chocolate :)

Besides, we are told REPEATEDLY in God's Word to "love one another", so why not celebrate the love we share?

Well, tonight we did just that! We celebrated LOVE at our Valentine's Banquet at church. We had such a good time!

Meg and Milly - LOVE these girls!!

Edith, Deneen, and Donna - I ADORE these ladies so very much!

These are the remains of the Cake Pops I made! They were such fun to make, and everyone seemed to really enjoy them. I can't wait to make some more...

I also made Red Velvet Cookies. Brad LOVED these with a capital L, so I'm sure I'll be making more of these soon too! I gave some of the cookies and pops away for gifts:

Once again, I have sugary sweet memories of another Valentine's Day spent with so many friends and family that I love. Dearly love.

And, I hope each of you enjoyed Love Day 2010, and I want to tell each of you that read these random thoughts of mine - I love you! I would love to give each one of you a hug, and say thanks for sticking around to read about my crazy life. I feel honored to share it with you!

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