Saturday, February 27, 2010

Out With The Old...

Goodbye to you -

and a great big Hello to you!!!!

I've already washed about 947 loads of laundry (Oh, I kid...it's probably only been about 736) since since yesterday afternoon when my new Samsung Front Load Steam Washer and Dryer were delivered, and are now settled into their new home. Consensus: They are FABULOUS. They are both ultra quiet and super duper FAST!

And, they must have magic powers, because Brad sure has been excited to help with laundry!! I have found him several times in the laundry room standing and watching the washer go through it's cycles - OH, THE EXCITEMENT! - and, as soon as the dryer sings - and, yes it plays a little tune when it's finished! - he jumps up to get the clothes and start folding. It's mind boggling, I know.

Wonder if new dishwashers have the same powers....

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