Friday, June 4, 2010

1 Year Anniversary

Tuesday will be my official 1 year Blog Anniversary! Wow, what a year it has been! I have so enjoyed sharing our weird, crazy lives with all of you! The fact that you continue to come back and read is just a blessing to me!

Even though I feel like I bare all and sometimes "overshare" my thoughts, I wonder if there is anything that maybe YOU would like to know about ME! Maybe it's something about me personally, about Brad, our ministry, our fertility journey, my job, our family, cooking, decorating, or just something really quirky that you've always wondered! If you have something you would like to know, leave a comment on this post. And, don't be afraid to ask a question - the more questions people leave the more fun it will be!!

(I know lots of my readers do not have a blog, but you can still leave a comment - simply click on "comments" below post; choose to comment as "Name/URL"; type your name and leave URL blank; type your comment, click "post comment", answer security question...and, that's it!)

Okay, get to thinking about what you would like to know about me or something you would like me to share and let me know! I will answer those questions that inquiring minds want to know on Thursday!


  1. I am not very good at asking questions but here is my shot at it:

    1.) What is your favorite verse and why?
    2.) What is your favorite dessert recipe and will you share it?
    3.) Did you grow up an Auburn fan or did you become one when you attended college there?

    Have a great weekend!