Thursday, June 3, 2010

How Fast They Grow!

The oldest 2 of our 4 Favorites - Carolyne and Kailey - graduated from Kindergarten just a few days ago. And, our only "boy favorite" - Sam - graduated from Nursery School. *sniff, sniff* I know I sound like an old lady, but how do they grow up so fast??

Carolyne's school did not have a formal graduation ceremony - they had a music program called "Kindergarten ROCKS". And, being the Drama Queen that she is, she did an awesome job! From the time that she was able to sit up as a baby, when she hears music her little body just starts moving!! As her class was coming in, her hips were just a movin' to the music! HA!! Carolyne is going to be our "Free Spirit"...and, I just love that about her :) She did a fabulous job - way to go, Carolyne!

Our sweet Kailey goes to a private kindergarten at the church I grew up at and worked at for 3 years. I've always been AMAZED - even though I work with this age group everyday - that they are able to get 60 Preschool and Kindergarten children to play handbells...YES, HANDBELLS...together, cooperatively, organized, and make music! It was so good!
Kailey looks so incredibly grown up and beautiful! We're just so proud of her!

And, then our little Sammers graduating from Nursery School. Sam had a precious teacher, Mrs. Kim, that he just adored :)

His class shared favorite songs from the year, and acted out many of them. TOO CUTE! Their last song was called "Creation", and they sang and acted out what God created the first week...Sam was "Sunday" when God rested :) (And just a side note - Lord, have mercy at the cuteness going on on that stage between the dolls in the smocked dresses and big hair bows, and the little boys in their sweater vests and boat shoes...when a Baby Powell comes along, the children's clothing industry is going to see a SPIKE in sales - much to Brad's dismay I'm afraid!!)

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