Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Mad-Hatter Fashion Show

A couple of week's ago Carolyne had her end of the year Diva Do's Fashion Show - and, let me just say - CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!!! If ONLY Diva Do's had existed when I was Carolyne's age...

Diva Do's is a weekly girl's art and craft class that a fabulous local artist and fashion designer - Kelly Jackson - started a few years back. With the help of her uber talented daughter, Cadley, they lead the girls in making unbelievably CUTE one of a kind pieces, and the girls get to explore with paints, fabrics, and all sorts of other craft "stuff" :) This is where the "crafting magic" takes place every week - The House...

The theme for this year's Fashion Show was inspired by "Alice in Wonderland", and was set as the Mad-Hatter's Tea Party, complete with decks of playing cards lining the run way, original "Alice" art work hanging in trees and bushes, and a tea party set up in the background for refreshments afterwards. So incredibly ADORABLE!
Carolyne with "Alice" a.k.a. Ms. Cadley...

At the end of the show, Kelly gave out awards and Carolyne was named "Miss Diva Do Supreme"!
We've always known our Carolyne was a "Diva", but now she truly holds the crown :) Sometimes I wonder how she could be Valerie's child, and yet be so much like me! HA! I'm so proud of you Miss "Diva Do Supreme"!


  1. What a fun party! I loved themed parties.

  2. Oh, My Goodness!!!!! I just found this post and I am so THRILLED!!! Thanks so much! You KNOW we LOVE our Carolyne!! What a lovely Blog!!
    Hugs, Queen La Diva