Monday, July 18, 2011

God is WILD about us!!

A few weeks ago we had a WILD week of VBS at church...we learned that God is WILD about us!!

We do our VBS a little different than most churches - the teachers have one lesson that we teach every night for the whole week, and the children (Kindergarten - 5th grade) rotate to a different teacher each night.  (The preschoolers stay with their teachers through the whole week.)  It makes it fun to get to have a different group each night, and you only prepare for one lesson so you know it REALLY WELL.
My lesson was about Hannah and Samuel, and how God answered Hannah's prayer for a child (Ironic for me to teach this lesson I know!!)  And, we learned through this story that, "God gives good gifts", which was our Bible Truth for my lesson.
To make figuring out the Bible Truth and Memory Verse for the story a little more fun for the kids - I made cards with my Cricut with each word, laminated, and put Velcro on the back.  Then I had them each in gift bags and told the kids I had a special gift to share with them.  They took the bags, and had to unscrabble the words, which led to talking about God's good gifts.  They all loved it! :)

We had a great group of kids each night, and they were all so excited about VBS :)
We painted and decorated canvas bags for my craft, and the kids LOVED this!!  Great craft for a party too...

VBS was a great success - lots of children came and learned fun new songs, made some cute crafts, played silly games, made new friends, but most of all they heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ every night! 
It was a great week!!!  Thank you Mrs. Becky and Mrs. Shanna for all your hard work!!

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