Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's Great to be an Aunt!

This past week, I have had the pleasure of being "Mommy" to 2 of the 4 of my most favorites - Carolyne and Sam! Valerie and Robby's 8th anniversary was on Tuesday, so they went on their annual anniversary getaway trip. Since Brad was out of town, I was really glad to have them around to keep me company! We had so much fun!!

The first night, we made our own individual pizzas. I let them have their own little pan and crust, and they spread on the sauce, and put on their own cheese and pepperoni. They wanted to eat everything as we were making the pizzas, but I was able to keep a little bit of the toppings on the pizzas to cook them!

Sam was so proud of his little pizza!
The one on the left was Carolyne's
and the one on the right was Sam's -
he ate most of the pepperoni
as he was putting them on the pizza!
Enjoying our creations!! They were really cheesey!!

Then, we baked cookies. I mixed up the cookie batter, and let the kids put chocolate chips, Reese's pieces, and M & M's on top. I let them put as little or as many as they wanted...
they loved this!!

Here was the finished product...don't they look YUMMY? Carolyne likes "vanilla cookies" -cookies without any candy or chocolate chips - so I made some of those for her.
The next day we made puppets! Carolyne loves, loves, loves to do crafts (she takes after Aunt Hayley!) so this was right up her ally! I bought some puppet kits from Wal-Mart, and let them choose what they wanted to make. Carolyne made a Yorkie dog, and Sam made a bear. Carolyne did hers completely by herself (Miss Independent).....Didn't they do a fantastic job??
This picture just makes me smile...
Carolyne was watching t.v. while wearing her heart-shaped shades! There is a picture VERY similar of me when I was the same age as Carolyne - except I think I was also sporting a frisbee ring around my head! Carolyne is soooo much like me - sassy, silly, creative, and INDEPENDENT!!!!! My daddy tells Valerie all the time that she's paying for MY raising! HA!
The last day Carolyne and Sam were with me we went to visit my other 2 favorites - Kailey and Kenedi! These 4 always have a BLAST!! They play so well, and so look forward to being together! I forgot to pick up my camera, so unfortunately I don't have any pictures of them together...but, they swam, played, laughed, and had the best time!
I've missed having the kids at the house...things have been so quiet and clean! HA! But, I hope that as they grow they will always have fond memories of being with Aunt Hayley and will always know how much they are dearly loved!


  1. You're the best aunt! There is no doubt that they will have fond memories of their Aunt Hayley and know how much you love them...They will be sitting around a table one day telling their kids about all the precious things you did with them...If I were a kid, I'd definitely want an aunt like you....

  2. Can I come be your neice this weekend? Ha! I know they had a wonderful time. You are the best aunt ever! They will treasure their times with you forever. How special. I wish I had siblings so I could have neices, nephews, sisters, and brothers. Being an only child is not all its cracked up to be.

  3. Aww you're such a good aunt! :)
    Those two are so cute!
    I miss them :(
    Caroline's a lil angel :)
    Their pictures are hilarious.
    It looks like yal had fun!
    i love you!