Wednesday, September 30, 2009

20 Hours in N'Awlins

Yep, that's how long I got to spend in New Orleans...we spent 12 hours traveling there and back, and 20 in "The Big Easy". But, I loved every minute of it! Brad is taking Hybrid classes this semester - he goes to campus once a month where he's in class 6 hours - and, the rest of the classwork is online. I decided to go with him on his whirlwind trip for the month to keep him company while he drove. I absolutely love to go to the seminary with him - it's such a BEAUTIFUL campus, and there is peace when you go through the gates. I know that sounds kind of crazy, but it's true. I've always felt it every single time, and I know it's the presence of God.

We left as soon as church was over Sunday morning, and headed down. We stayed at Providence House, a hotel owned by the Seminary, and Brad had to get to studying for his classes the following day.

While Brad was in class, I decided to take a walk and take some pictures...

Hardin Student Center - this is where all of Brad's classes are this semester.

What do you think of when you see the Christian Flag?? I ALWAYS think of Vacation Bible School...it's flying high every day though at the Seminary!

Beautiful, picturesque Leavell Chapel standing tall in the middle of the Seminary grounds.

River City Cafe

John T. Christian Library

There are these gorgeous old trees everywhere! The "Gateway to the World"

This is a garden that Brad and I always seem to end up at :)

I LOVE the beautiful architecture of all the old buildings!
We had a great trip, and I'm already looking forward to tagging along again in November! There is so much peace and contentment that we are following God's will for our lives - and we have such an excitement in our hearts for this season of our lives...we are so blessed by what the Lord is doing with us and through us!

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