Saturday, May 8, 2010

Leaving My Baby...

...that's what I feel like - leaving my newborn for the first time. Our precious little Ellie Jane is being left for the first time with a babysitter, but not just for a day or two - for 8 1/2 days! I know that sounds just soooooo incredibly silly to those non-animal lovers (like my Mama!) out there, but in the month that Ellie has been with us she has forever changed our home. We absolutely adore her, and she has been a part of such a healing to my soul that I can't explain.

While we're gone, Ellie will be staying with my sister and her family. She will be held and loved and doted on far more at their house than at ours (if that is even possible!) Brad predicts it won't take very long for Carolyne to have Ellie dressed in doll clothes and riding her around the house in the stroller! HA!!

We're gonna miss our little Ell-Bell this week, but I am beyond words EXCITED to be going on a cruise!!! In 2 hours we will be loading up the car and heading out...I'll try to check in sometime during the week while we're cruisin' the seas!

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  1. YAY! I LOVE your blog make-over! Don't you just love Danielle? I'm on the waitlist for a new "graphic" blog make-over. I'm super excited about it.

    Can't wait to read about your cruise! I'm so jealous. ;-)