Tuesday, May 25, 2010


1. I have been CRAZY busy since we got back from the cruise - CRAZY BUSY - and have neglected the ol' blog :( So sorry, Blogland! I have about 39,478,926 pictures of various things that have been going on - just no time to share yet. They will eventually be shared over the next couple of weeks, I promise!

2. Can I tell you how amazed I am every time someone tells me they read this little blog? I know that sounds just, well - odd, considering you have a blog for others to ummm ...read... but, I'm just so humbled that someone would take the time to want to know what's going on in my life! So, thanks for continuing to stop by and thanks for letting me know that you do :)

3. We are having revival this week at Mt. Vernon, and the Lord has just blessed us sooo much through the services! It has been wonderful - people sometimes forget that ministers do not get to be on the "congregation" end of a church service very often...it's been refreshing and definitely REVIVING for Brad and I! We are praying, praying, praying for some really specific things and just waiting on the Lord to do something amazing!!

4. I have 4 work days until summer break officially starts for me, and it couldn't come fast enough! I know how very blessed and thankful I should be to be a teacher and get the summer off, and I am sooo ready for it!!

5. My first official day of Graduate School was last Thursday. I am an official Auburn Grad Student. I am excited to start this, but very anxious too. I'm crossing my fingers for a great 1st semester :)

6. By the end of this week, I will have attended 4 graduation ceremonies for 6 people that I adore...tis the season for 'Pomp and Circumstance' to be heard all across the land! Look for pictures to come!

7. I am SO EXCITED that I have lined up someone to clean my house starting next week!!! She is a precious lady, and will do a great job - I can't wait for her to get started!

8. My sweet Ellie Jane has grown to a wopping 3 lbs. (she only weighed 2 lbs. when we got her). Have I told y'all she is precious?? We are soooo glad to have her in our family!

9. I am nearing my 1 year Blog Anniversary - alot has happened in a year! I'll be sharing some fun things during that week, so be looking for that in a few weeks :)

10. Because I am so completely OCD, I can't do a "random list" in an odd number - so I always end up having to do 10...do I need therapy??

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